CAPTIV-NeuroLab for Psychology

Place research on the study and analysis of behavior at the center of your work!

CAPTIV-NeuroLab cross-analyzes all collected data for highlighting graphically the emotional peaks, stress, behavior, attention and focus issues,…

Why choosing CAPTIV-NeuroLab for psychology ?

Research labs, researchers, the CAPTIV-NeuroLab solutions are designed for facilitating your studies on human behavior!

Use a powerful solution

A plug and play, evolutive, affordable system

Test target market's reaction

Understand and satisfy your customers needs

Get a smart consumer feedback

A reliable way to obvious customer reporting

Speed up your time-to-market

Enjoy a real time synchronisation process

Improve risk management

Test customer's acceptance reduce risks

Keep a competitive advance

Build a sustainable because strong brand

What our customers like?

Clever filters
The numerous analysis filters enable us to perform detailed analysis per subject and/or groups of respondents.

The reliability of results
The statistics on measured data can serve as the basis for scientific research.

Exportable data
All graphs, analysis and raw data can be used in third-party software.

A fast and relevant process for studying human behavior in 4 steps

  • 1

    Create your custom scenario

    Write instructions, select picture, video, website, ad any static or dynamic media and build step-by-step your own scenario.

  • 2

    Connect your equipment easily

    Thanks to Captiv-NeuroLab compliance and its plug-and-play architecture, connect easily wireless sensors, eyetrackers, webcams...

  • 3

    Record respondents

    Record participants behavior and reactions, whatever their situation or the device used: static, mobile, virtual.

  • 4

    Visualize and analyze

    Enjoy smart and detailed reports - immediately. Export data, graphs and results in your own reporting documents.