CAPTIV-NeuroLab for Education

Focus your attention on students' engagement

CAPTIV-NeuroLab is the ideal solution for collecting and overlaying useful information about students or trainees’ behavior such as organic responses or emotional states, for improving your real or virtual teaching approach and materials.

Why choosing CAPTIV-NeuroLab for education?

Teachers, researchers, psychologists, educational research lab, training organisation, e-learning program providers: CAPTIV-NeuroLab solutions are designed for you!

Choose an affordable solution

One-time license, plug and play, scalable system

Test target students' reaction

Understand trainees mind for adapting teaching

Get a smart students feedback

A reliable means to objectify students reporting

Increase responsiveness

Test teaching impact in real time

Reduce risk of failure

Test student's behavior for improving chances of success

Convince that you are the best

Demonstrate efficient teachings and contents

What our customers like?

Simple, quick and so complete
There is no need to be an expert to build customised scenario, plug devices, launch recording and get results.

Accuracy and flexibility
We refine our analysis from global to specific by applying filters on participants groups with only one-clic.

One-page key figures
We get synthetic reports through detailed graphics representation immediately after the seance.

A fast and relevant process for studying human behavior in 4 steps

  • 1

    Create your custom scenario

    Write instructions, select picture, video, website, ad any static or dynamic media and build step-by-step your own scenario.

  • 2

    Connect your equipment easily

    Thanks to Captiv-NeuroLab compliance and its plug-and-play architecture, connect easily wireless sensors, eyetrackers, webcams...

  • 3

    Record respondents

    Record participants behavior and reactions, whatever their situation or the device used: static, mobile, virtual.

  • 4

    Visualize and analyze

    Enjoy smart and detailed reports - immediately. Export data, graphs and results in your own reporting documents.