CAPTIV-NeuroLab for Communication & Edition

Maximize the impact of printed materials, newspapers, magazines or communications on your readers!

With CAPTIV-NeuroLab, observe how your printed or on-line media are browsed, identify easily which contents catch attention. Optimize your information structure and increase readers fidelity.

Why choosing CAPTIV-NeuroLab for Communication and Edition?

Communications agencies, survey and research institutes, advertisers, publishers, media groups, CAPTIV-NeuroLab solutions have been designed for you!

Adopt a powerful solution

An evolutive, affordable and plug-and-play system

Test readers reaction and emotion

Observe to satisfy your readers experience

Get a relevant readers feedback

The best way to get customer reporting

Boost responsiveness

Enjoy a real time synchronisation process

Reduce risk management

Test target's acceptance limit risks

Keep a competitive edge

Keep your medias efficient

What our customers like?

Accuracy of fixations
Gaze paths and fixations per reading areas are defined chronologically.

Instant reports
Analysis results, images and fraphs are available in an automated report.

Access to raw data
Raw data is available can can be exported in the usual formats (csv, pdf...).

A fast and relevant process for studying human behavior in 4 steps

  • 1

    Create your custom scenario

    Write instructions, select picture, video, website, ad any static or dynamic media and build step-by-step your own scenario.

  • 2

    Connect your equipment easily

    Thanks to Captiv-NeuroLab compliance and its plug-and-play architecture, connect easily wireless sensors, eyetrackers, webcams...

  • 3

    Record respondents

    Record participants behavior and reactions, whatever their situation or the device used: static, mobile, virtual.

  • 4

    Visualize and analyze

    Enjoy smart and detailed reports - immediately. Export data, graphs and results in your own reporting documents.