CAPTIV-NeuroLab : making neurosciences accessible and affordable

CAPTIV-NeuroLab collects and synchronizes multiple parameters related to emotional states and reactions felt by the human body, thus enabling to observe, analyze and understand precisely human behavior when exposed to stimuli.

Measurement of skin conductance

Measures electrical activity on skin surface for capturing emotional responses.

Measurement of eye behavior

Remote or mobile eye-trackers enable to highlight fixation areas and map customers attention.

Analysis of facial expressions

Represents a key indicator for understanding participants’ reactions.

Measurement of brain activity

Enables to estimate cognitive load, engagement, fatigue, stress parameters and other patterns.

CAPTIV-NeuroLab : an evolutive solution for many business applications

Why choosing CAPTIV-NeuroLab?

One-time purchase license

Single fee, no yearly subscription

Synthetic reporting

Key figures, maps, graphs

Related services

Formation, support, hotline

Easy to use

Intuitive, plug-and-play

Customized scenarios

Instructions, videos, images, web,...

Scalable solution

Can expand with projects and budgets

Real-time synchronisation

Data recording and analysis

Customized analysis

Flexible filters

Access to all raw data

Ease of export